Isoflavones supplements

To get your daily intake of isoflavones it is recommended to eat soya products. Since the preventive effects of isoflavones are particularly important for young girls or women, one must include soya products in the daily regime in order to lower the proneness to breast cancer. Unfortunately soya products are still an unknown area for the Western consumer. The taste of soya is not always appreciated and some people experience side effects such as flatulence. Because some people miss the important health benefits of soya, companies have recently launched isoflavones supplements. These supplements contain isoflavones from soya or red clover, sometimes in combination with other phyto-estrogens such as lignanen. Supplements are usually sold in capsule form and will avoid flatulence. Isoflavones supplements have also a gentle taste and allow a correctly dosage of isoflavones. One should take about 40-50 mg isoflavones daily. This corresponds to what one uses in China and Japan. Cassidy et al have determined that 50 mg of isoflavones (as aglycones) will have significant endocrine effects.

The regularity of the intake of supplements is essential to obtain the most benefits. To improve bone density, also calcium and magnesium supplements must be taken.

When using isoflavones supplements one must always read the instructions on packing and take not more than the recommended dosage. In case of doubt one should asks the advice of the doctor or pharmacy.

More literature about isoflavones supplements

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